About us

Running training music

  • SONE produced a 50 minutes album to listen to during your training. The album guides a runner through a balanced training session with different parts, designed by We Run The City - Hardlopen Amsterdam. The session is built out of blocks such as a warming up, longer blocks of intermediate intensity, and short, intense intervals. The album Intermediate training will help you train better as it intuitively varies the intensity over the training session.
  • The goal is to experience a smooth running-flow with cadence between 170 and 180 steps a minute. The music will help you to train productively and to enjoy your run. The album is designed for an intermediate runner, but is also relevant for beginners and advanced runners.
  • SONE consists of Florean Kruijswijk Jansen (bass guitar, double bass, guitar) and Thomas Wessels (trumpet, synthesizer). Running is the framework in which we create our music. The tracks are a cross-over between acoustic and electronic music, with influences from pop, old school hip hop, jazz and world music. While the sound is chill and comfortable, the music is highly layered and detailed - enjoyable even after many repeats.